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Make Your Garden A Home

1Group Construction offers a renowned Landscaping Service. We have a passion for the outdoors, which finds expression in thoughtful outdoor spaces that will reflect your values and ideas. Although we love building beautiful spaces, we are aware that this is only part of a great client experience. We therefore take time to understand the needs of each client and then prove our true worth. We do not cut corners, condone delayed schedules or budget overruns. Our mission is to create some more headspace for you and not more headaches. Courteous, clear communication and capable staff, consistent results and kept promises is our strive. This is why we keep on challenging ourselves to do our very best work every day in service of our clients by delivering that beautiful tranquil space outdoors to busy driven clients to relax in.


As a property manager or building owner, you are busy enough and you certainly don’t want to have to deal with day-to-day landscaping issues. We will make sure that we understand what you don’t need, and with our drive, skills and equipment we will ensure that you get all that you do need and more as we take our profession seriously.


We design and build it all – whatever is right for you – so that you can be certain of outstanding outdoor living at home, for years to come.

For All of Your Gardening Needs

Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Gardens is our business.

Each of our work crews is supervised by an experienced and knowledgeable foreman.

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• Gardens & Lawns
• Patios & Outdoor Rooms
• Pools and Spas
• Braai areas
• Wooden Decks
• Driveways and Entrances
• Fencing
• Paver & Flagstone Walks
• Stone & Timber Retaining Walls & Planters
• Field/river stone Walls & Borders

GARDEN Maintenance

• Mulching
• Gardens & Lawns
• Planting (trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, etc.)
• Erosion and Drainage Control
• Storm Chambers Extensions
• French Drains Extensions
• Underground Downspout Extensions
• Grading, Sodding, Seeding

Trimming & cleanup

• Land Clearing
• Trenching
• Hauling, Light & Medium Duty
• Backhoe Work
• Tree & Shrub Pruning/Removal

First-Class Gardening Service

If you are seeking for a professional gardener with the highest of standards, then look no further. At 1Group Construction we provide clients with the best of services catered to their unique needs. By incorporating the time-tested traditional methods of lawn care with new innovations, we can deliver the most vibrant and elegant results possible.

With an experienced staff and an inventory of commercial resources, no job is too big or small. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and express our professional art through each project.

Our goal is to capture, stimulate and enhance the natural beauty of each property that we maintain, to ensure that it is done with the highest of quality in service, and to the complete satisfaction of each client.

Commercial & Industrial Maintenance

We provide service to commercial and industrial properties, ranging in size from small commercial store fronts to industrial warehouses. With our service you can ensure that your place of business will accurately reflect your company’s image and will stand differentiated from adjacent properties year-round.

General Landscape Maintenance

Walkways, Parking Areas and Courtyards: Upon every visit garden refuse is cleared from landscape upon and vegetative Debris, is cleaned from all walkways, parking areas and courtyards.

Residential Maintenance

We offer a wide range of Lawn and Garden Care Services for residential properties, such as:

  • Basic lawn maintenance packages,
  • Installations,
  • Repairs,
  • Clean-ups,
  • Floral plantings,
  • Trimming and pruning.

With an experienced staff and a passion for gardening, no job is too big or small for us.

Vegetation Maintenance

  • Trimming – Trees, bushes, hedges and shrubs: trimmed to maintain preferable height and shape.
  • Pruning – Trees, bushes, hedges and shrubs: pruned with hand shears to improve visibility, remove dead branches, or to reduce foliage.
  • Installation and maintenance of any vegetative and/or landscape feature.
  • Removal of damaged, infected, deceased, unwanted vegetation.
  • Pest Management – Seasonal application of eco-friendly pest control.

Lawn Maintenance


  • Cutting – Lawns are cut on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Edging – Edges are cut in the lawn along all pathways and garden beds upon each visit.
  • Seeding – Site characteristics are matched up to optimal grass seed species to ensure healthy establishment.
  • Repair – Damaged areas are treated to restore the natural beauty of the landscape.
  • Fertilization – Seasonal applications of the highest of quality fertilizers.
  • Aeration – Seasonal treatments to promote proper soil characteristics.
  • Weed Control – Seasonal applications of eco-friendly products to control weed populations.
  • Moss Control – Seasonal applications of eco-friendly products to control moss populations.
  • Pest Control – Seasonal applications of eco-friendly products to control pest populations.

Garden Maintenance

  • Top Soil Application – Seasonal application of Organic Top Soil.
  • Cultivating – Garden beds are cultivated to ensure proper soil texture and drainage.
  • Edging – Garden beds are edged upon each visit to ensure proper drainage.
  • Fertilizing – Garden beds are treated with the highest quality of fertilizer.
  • Planting – Installation of new plants such as Annuals, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs
  • Clean-up – Leaves and other debris are removed from beds upon each visit.
  • Removal – Removal of any unwanted Annuals, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs or any other landscape features.
  • Weed Control – Upon each visit weeds will be removed & eco-friendly products applied when necessary.
  • Moss Control – Seasonal applications of eco-friendly products.

Let’s Build Your Dream

while Going Green with Sustainable Recycling

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the working relationship with our clients and to our communal home in which we call Earth. As a means of combatting many of the contemporary social issues faced today, we strive to not only enhancing our environmental responsibility, but to minimize the environmental footprint of our company’s operation. One of the ways in which this is done is by the sustainable recycling of our yard waste. All the yard waste collected is converted into a nutrient rich compost which is then applied back onto our sites to enhance soil characteristics and in turn promote positive ecological functions.