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1Group offers the full package by providing you with experienced,  professional Building Contractors.


Building Construction

Construction of structural and architectural cast-in and precast concrete and re-enforcement, shafts, beams, decks and columns, masonry, plastering, roofs, coverings, awnings and guttering, ceilings, carpentry, flooring.


We offer demolition, excavations & earthworks services.

Building Renovation & Repairs

1Group Construction can help you make great decisions for your home remodelling project and general maintenance, that fit well within your budget and help you implement them.


1Group Construction will also handle your concrete foundation & topping needs.

Painting & Exterior

We offer a wide range of painting services; which include interior/exterior brush roll paints and we cover both wall; deck & roof coatings; Water- and Dampproofing and Speciality painting finishing.

Site Management

Our project managers plan, direct, coordinate, budget and supervise the project from conceptual development stage to the final construction.

We aim to


Deliver on time

We strive to finalise projects on time.


Our aim is to stay within budget at all times.

Deliver High quaility constructions

Our work is always of the Highest Quality and within Regulation.

communicate with our clients

We believe in clear communication with our Clients, because Your Opinion Matter to Us.

ensure safety on site

Our safety measures on site is beyond reproach.

provide you with coc's

We offer Electrical, Gas & Plumbing certificates after major project completion.

be reliable

We offer Honest, Reliable and Professional Services.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

New Construction

The unfortunate truth within the industry is that clients must unfortunately regularly deal with delayed timelines, work not being performed up to standard or estimates coming in way over budget. Regulations are more stringent than in the past and having a general contractor who knows the ins and outs of every area of your home or building project can make the difference.

1Group Construction will ensure that you clearly understand the scope of your project. Work will only be conducted once you are certain of scope and have signed off on the quote which will include clear and accurate estimates, to get the project done within the quoted cost.

1Group believes in being upfront about additional expences and extended timeframes in event of additional work being requested. You will therefore receive a quote prior to additional service request execution with these factors listed for your prior approval. 1Group Construction endeavours to deliver on time and within budget, while providing you excellence and never cutting corners. All new Construction will receive a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical, Plumbing and Gas work conducted on completion.

1Group Construction will stay in touch with you throughout the project, conduct regular site inspections with our Client to ensure satisfaction.


Due to the economy being anything but friendly the past few years, people are understandably cautiously optimistic and willing to cut corners to save money, but the long-term results are often dissatisfaction, or the inability to resell your home because of the renovations not being in accordance to regulation.

When preparing for your home remodelling project, you should beware of low cost bids from contractors who give you low estimates and then come in with change unwarranted orders once you are too far in to back out of the commitment or who deliver second grade material and workmanship. You should be able to enjoy your new space for years to come, without any worry or hassle.

We are committed to:

  • Being fully licensed & working in accordance to regulations.
  • Finishing the job and following through with meeting your needs.

To top it all:

1Group offers businesses the option to perform the remodelling tasks in the evening – as far as possiblen  – as to not impose on your business  operations and clientele – and this offer is made at the standard 1Group rates with no additional fees for evening work performed!


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Our Builders have Years of Experience.

Site personnel are thoroughly screened for skill, safety and integrity and the project manager will be in communication with you regularly throughout your project.