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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the industry by offering a convenient, professional, all-round construction, renovation, maintenance and upkeep service within Cape Town and to later expand this service Nationally.

Our Background

We started our journey over 4 years ago by providing a Plumbing service, while trading under the name I-Plumb which was founded by Handre Croucamp and Darius Jakovchuk. Due to service excellence and a huge demand from clients for other services 1Group was founded and services were extended to plumbing, electrical, maintenance and renovations.

1Group was recognised as a convenient, well-priced and reliable service and our client base grew rapidly. Due to client demand for even more services we decided that it was time to further expand our services and truly become a one-stop-shop.

A lot of clients indicated that there was a need for ladies within construction, who would have a better understanding of aesthetics and client end-product vision. Our client needs are important to us and we proceeded in bringing Glynis Carroll and Christel McMahon on board.

Glynis Carroll is an interior designer who has worked with several estate agents and home owners to increase their property values with marginal amounts. Christel McMahon is our administrative watchdog and ensures that we only employ the best of the best at reasonable pricing and oversees and negotiates great supplier deals for 1Group clients.

Due to dedication, 1Group is proud to acknowledge that it has established key accounts such as the Kauai Group; Zone Fitness Group; NU Food Group, Jawits Properties as well as Durr Estates among many other individual property agents and private home owners.

Our satisfied client base is giving 1Group Construction momentum to grow our services and we are proud to now offer a full range of construction, renovation and maintenance services. We hope that you will join our list of happy clients and that we will be able to build a mutually beneficial, reliable and convenient long-term relationship.



1Group Construction is committed to responsible, sustainable practices and remains conscious of our impact on the environment. Specifying and providing a “green” solution when and wherever possible. Our endeavour is to maximize material value without damaging ecosystems. One Group Construction (Pty) Ltd believes that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of society, our employees, partners and our business. This is the foundation for growing a sustainable economy. We recognise that diverse, healthy natural resources – fresh water, the oceans, air and soil are critical components of social and sustainable economic development.

The key challenge is identified for society as managing the competing human demands on land, soil and vegetation without undermining crucial ecosystem functions. Our core operations include water and sewerage reticulation; accordingly, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Environmental Plan

To achieve these objectives, the company commits to:

  • Providing free and cheap services to identify and/ minimize the usage of scarce resources such as water and electricity.
  • Understand and comply with the requirements set out in the Environmental Management Program (EMPr) relevant to the industries covered by 1Group Construction and site work.
  • Comply fully with all relevant legislation and regulations, and whenever practical, meet or exceed industry best practice on environmental issues.
  • Promote these commitments and aspirations with our Clients, Partners, Sub-contractors, Suppliers and Consultants to strengthen relationships with those whose aspirations complement our own.
  • Minimise waste and make efficient use of energy and materials on our sites and in our offices.
  • Handle waste in the most practical, environmentally friendly manner available to us.
  • Minimise pollution risks at our sites.
  • Recognise the benefits of responsible purchasing, preferring to use alternative materials, products and services with reduced environmental and/ social impacts whenever possible.
  • Review and update our Environmental Policy and Plan as required.

1Group Construction view these matters very seriously.

The well-being of each employee and their right to such protection is of great importance to us and is to be respected.

All measures must be taken as far as possible in accordance with the relevant regulations.


Health and Safety is of utmost importance to 1Group Construction.


Description of our Organisation

1Group construction is primarily a construction company conducting business in the private and commercial sectors providing services of new construction, maintenance, renovations, and interior design.

Policy Management regards the Occupational Health & Safety of employees, contractors and other persons being affected by our operations to be of vital importance.Our primary objective is therefore to: “Achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of Health and Safety control in all areas of the Company’s operations.”
To this end the Company will ensure that:

  • Risks and Hazards shall be minimized to prevent any impact on its employees, contractors and other parties.
  • Adequate precautions are taken to prevent ill health, injuries, incidents, damage to its employees, contractors and other parties.
  • The provisions of applicable legislation as well as the Health & Safety Management System are complied with.
  • Protection of persons against ill Health.

To achieve our goals, it is necessary to:

Train our employees in Occupational Health and Safety issues to:

  • ensure competence in the workplace.
  • be aware of the potential hazards implicit in their work activities,
  • be aware of their scope of authority in terms of Occupational Health and Safety control.
  • Manage Occupational Health & Safety to acceptable standards.
  • Enforce Health & Safety measures with discipline in the workplace.
  • Protect the public and persons other than Company employees from Health and Safety
    hazards associated with our work.


  • Achievement of these objectives is and will be the responsibility of all management structures.
  • Duties will further be assigned to Company personnel with the aim of managing Occupational Health and Safety procedures.
  • The commitment of Management and Employees to these objectives will ensure high standards of Occupational Health & Safety control.